Dutch System That Turns Any Roof Into A Green Roof


The Dutch company de Roel de Boer has developed a simple product, but capable of transforming any common roof into a green roof. The system has been dubbed Flowering City and works as an effective tool to improve the environmental quality of the environment around you. Having vegetation on the roof is an effective way to reduce the temperature of a building.

One of the great difficulties in popularizing green roofs is finding a system that adapts to the roof structure, a problem for many traditional houses with sloping roofs. This Dutch product increases the number of homes with the possibility of having green roofs on their roofs.


The system is simple and is divided into two parts. The first is a plate, placed on the roof, and the second is a kind of funnel, made of recycled plastic and used in individual units. The product works like little spiders, which can be mounted on existing tiles without any modification of the main structure.


Rainwater itself is used to water the plants, which can be of different species, depending on the preference of the residents and the characteristics of the place, of course the ideal would be to use native plants of the region. After passing through the land, the excess water flows much cleaner.

A system that could also be used to make vertical gardens in different parts of a house, not just on the roof.

Having greenery on the roof is a great way to lower the building’s temperature, thus saving energy. It is also a way to improve air quality. In addition, the roof will be more beautiful and will become an oasis for the development of new species, increasing and improving the biodiversity of cities. A solution for those cities and countries that already require their buildings to have green roofs.

Designer:  roeldeboer.com

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