E-kaia, A Gadget Charger That Plugs Into Plants


E-Kaia is a lightweight portable device that takes advantage of plant photosynthesis, taking residual plant energy to convert it into electrical energy. Clean energy that is obtained thanks to what the earth gives us without destroying it.

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Its designers, three Chilean friends:  Carolina Guerrero, Camila Rupcich and Evelyn Aravena, started working on this project by chance. The loss of a job due to lack of charge on their phones and laptops, made them work to find an alternative charging solution. After 6 hard years of work, they were able to come up with a prototype that won accolades like Jump UC and the 2014 Avonni National Award for Innovation.

The battery and charger-Kaia, created by them is unique in the world. It is also extremely efficient.

With E-Kaia you can charge your smartphone, tablet or any other device with USB. It creates an underground circuit, which generates 5 volts and 600 milliamps, and does not harm the plant. According to its creators, a standard smartphone can be charged in just over an hour and a half.

Contrary to what one might think, its charging capacity is quite fast compared to conventional electricity, since in just an hour and a half you can leave the phone fully charged. You can also charge other devices that can be connected to a USB port.

E-Kaia not only solves the problem for those who do not have an outlet at hand, it can also prove to be a great power supply solution for areas with limited access to electricity.

The prototype that has given them the best results is the one based on the “coin plant”, since it is resistant, needs little irrigation and is also found throughout all of Chile. They have also tried fig trees and tulips with positive results.

They are currently processing the patent.

Guererro, Rupcich and Aravena are now investigating how to turn their invention into a mass-use product that can be purchased in stores, but they are also thinking beyond that.

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