E-rim, Turn Your Bicycle Into An E-bike In A Simple Way

The new E-rim motor, which allows you to easily transform a standard bicycle into an e-bicycle, comes from Taiwan and is designed for installation in most conventional bicycles.

The All-in-One system weighs 4 kg and consists of a rim including a 250 W motor and a 36 V, 188 Wh, 5.2 Ah battery to the hub in a single unit, no cables, no need to do any adjustment, in a few seconds the wheel is hooked to the bicycle, it turns on and starts pedaling with assistance from 6 to 25 km / h.

E-rim works thanks to artificial intelligence and helps the rider automatically, as the motor starts working when it recognizes pedaling and turns off when pedaling is stopped, adapting in real time to road conditions.

The autonomy can exceed 45 km, depending on the type of driving, with charging times of approximately 3 hours. Another feature is that it is recharged downhill with a dynamo system that generates additional power.

The maximum load it can bear is 120 kg including the bicycle, it will be available in two versions.

E-rim is seeking financing on the Indiegogo platform with the aim of being able to produce it. For those who want to buy it, the price has a discount of 40% to € 454 with shipping scheduled for January 2020.

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