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From Indonesia, Edible And Biodegradable Seaweed Wrapper

They last 2 years, dissolve in water and are edible. Indonesia begins to write the future of biodegradable seaweed packaging. The controversy these days over biodegradable bags for wrapping fresh food in stores is likely to focus entirely on price equity and little on the real plastics problem: pollution. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition,


The L’Oreal firm has launched the first “ecosalón” in Madrid to train more than 8,000 “ecopeluqueros” in 2011. Nowadays, a hairdressing salon that works at full speed consumes a lot of water and electricity every day and produces a lot of waste. To solve these environmental problems, the L’Oreal firm has launched the first “eco-salon”

Bwito. A Television Remote With Seed

Bwito is the world’s first biodegradable TV remote. It has been invented by two Valencian women and hotels in Mexico and Spain are already being tested. But Bwito is not a simple remote control. Turning it over, the user is surprised by the phrase “plant me.” It weighs 15 grams and measures 12.5 cm long

Panasonic Risaikura Ms-n53. Composting At Home.

While the entire planet is going through an economic crisis of proportions, the environment begins to show obvious wear and tear as a result of pollution and users seek solutions to both problems, Panasonic surprises with a simply perfect initiative.  Everyone at some point has wanted to dupe into environmental projects, at least in intentions

Shellworks Converts Lobster Shell Remains Into Biodegradable Bioplastics

Plastic waste is growing exponentially, further aggravating the contemporary environmental crisis. Some students have created a biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic from lobster shells. Ed Jones, Insiya Jafferjee, Amir Afshar and Andrea Edwards are part of the design school of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College. After a research process, they managed to design

Biocard. Biodegradable Card.

Biocard ® cards are made using PVC sheets treated so that they are 100% biodegradable. They have the same characteristics as the standard PVC card used until now: flexibility, resistance, durability and quality in printing. Likewise, they allow all the applications and uses that the rest of plastic cards: RFID, smartcards, wallet card, access control,

Belu. Biodegradable Bottles.

BELU Natural mineral water, has launched the first completely biodegradable water bottle, made 100% with corn, on the UK market. This bottle will degrade in just 12 weeks, thousands of times faster than traditional plastics. This Bio-container is the latest initiative from BELU, a British organization dedicated to promoting water projects thanks to the profits