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How To Make Armchairs With Repurposed Barrels

How to make armchairs with repurposed barrels. Image: VPales Shutterstock A very original project, with which you can make a set of armchairs using barrels. It will be something new, made by you and that your friends will love. Do you dare? If you have a bit of agility with the use of tools, you

How To Make A Homemade Toy Solar Car

Today we are going to learn how we can make a homemade toy solar car ourselves. An ideal craft to do with the little ones in the house. In addition, most of the materials that we will use will be recycled. The basis of the project will be a plastic bottle, which together with bottle

How To Make An Automatic Feeder For Dogs

This automatic dog feeder is very easy to make at home. The basis of this project are two plastic jugs that we will turn into our dog’s feeder. You will have food for 3 – 4 days. To carry out this project you will need very few things. Necessary materials. A utility knife to cut

How To Make A Purse By Recycling A Brick

We are going to see how to make a very original purse by recycling some tetrabrick that we have at home. You can take the brick that seems most beautiful to you. This one is made with one of juice, but anyone is worth it, so you can choose the colors for the design.  Materials.

How To Make A Grater From A Can

A can, sandpaper and a drill with the appropriate bit is all you will need to be able to make your own homemade grater. As you can see in the video tutorial, this project is very easy to do. The instructions are very simple. We will mark the can to pierce one of its sides,

How To Make A Spoon Out Of A Pet Bottle

DaveHax is a very successful YouTube user whose biggest hobby is making videos with tricks that make our lives easier, especially in the kitchen. In one of the last ones, he shows us the technique to make a spoon by recycling a PET bottle, perfectly and in a few seconds, with an astonishing ease, that

How To Make A Bag Out Of Newspaper

The plastic bags cause great damage to the environment, everyone knows, or should know that . They are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource whose exploitation harms the environment, sometimes in catastrophic proportions – such as oil spills that destroy flora and fauna in large areas across the globe. Not to mention that they take