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Stop! Rolling The Change

The documentary “Stop rolling the change” is produced in Spain and released to the public in 2012. In 1 hour and 37 minutes it shows us new alternatives to modern lifestyles, to the educational processes in force today, or to the cultivation and harvest techniques. A trip from Spain to France with the mission of

The Cove. The Bloody Slaughter Of Dolphins In Japan

“The Cove” visually describes the capture and use of the dolphins in Japan, after their bloody slaughter. Activists show us very harsh images of the hunting in the Taiji National Park, Wakayama, which undoubtedly represent a shame for our society, but they want to be a tool to raise awareness about how ruthless human beings

First The Earth

The conservation of natural resources, landscapes, fertile and productive lands, drinking water and all existing animal species naturally require that we pay all possible attention to them so that they remain present and are not exterminated. This is something that indigenous tribes and communities that live in full harmony with nature know perfectly well. These

Food Inc. The Truth About What We Eat

The wave of documentaries that lately deal with fast food has substantially raised the controversy about the reality of everything that they sell us today as junk food. The fast food industry, pre-cooked and its derivatives, have increased and have become established as a necessity among people and families who do not enjoy enough time

Earthlings, Make The Connection

Earthlings is a documentary about  how human beings use animals in our society. With hidden cameras and images of the practices of large companies and industries throughout the world that enrich themselves at the expense of animals. The documentary is divided into five parts: pets, food, fur, entertainment, and experimentation. The purpose of this documentary,

Documentary: Dirt!

The need to cultivate and gather the fruits to be able to eat has existed since humanity began to think logically. The documentary reflects and shows us how the impact of climate change, the economy, the social aspect and the influence of large multinationals, are seriously affecting farmland throughout the world. What is dirt. The

The History Of Things

The documentary “The history of things” tells us all about the material economy and presents a very critical perspective of the consumerist system, as well as teaches that many social and environmental problems are interrelated, and finally, urges all humanity to create a sustainable and just world. Most populations have one element in common, and