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Sustainable Purchasing Guide

We share this guide where they will give us some easy-to-follow tips to minimize, as far as possible, the environmental impact that is generated and at the same time maintain, or even improve in many cases, the quality of our purchases unnecessarily of greater economic contributions. The topics that we all already know are covered

Clean Graffiti

If you visit most cities around the world, you will surely see some graffiti. San Francisco and Montreal are full of colorful murals, and you will find similar art in Moscow or Buenos Aires. Reverse Graffiti works a bit differently: Artists create images on soiled surfaces – cleaning in areas with scrapers and cleaning brushes.

Ethical Fashion Africa Project.

yoox.com and Vivienne Westwood have teamed up with the International Trade Center to launch a new creative project: the Vivienne Westwood Ethical Fashion Africa Collection, a complete collection of bags and accessories made in Kenya from recycled materials. This collaboration provides long-term work for the world’s most marginalized people while protecting the environment. yoox.com, the