Tag: Ecological Gadgets

Bomie’s Boom System. Amplifier For Smartphones

Created by designer  Jeroen Bomers,  the “Bomie’s boom system” is a smartphone amplifier handcrafted by Malawian artisans, those who carve and turn wood, which finally, thanks to the parabola shape, achieves that the sounds are naturally amplified. . Thanks to the design, you only have to leave the phone in a space on the base

Batteriser Multiplies Battery Life By Eight

I just learned that the batteries that we throw away because they no longer work in our gadgets, they still conserve 80% of their energy. And how can this be? AAA batteries, the traditional non-rechargeable batteries, are prepared to offer a constant output of 1.5 v, but when this electrical potential drops to 1.4 v

Mayu Improves The Quality Of Tap Water Thanks To A Whirlpool

MAYU activates and improves drinking water with a whirlpool that never stops flowing. Aerates, detoxifies and improves the taste and quality of the water. MAYU gently spins the water in a natural way to release contaminants and keep the water oxygenated. The fascinating whirlpool motion mimics those found in nature; introduces air and removes contaminants

Ecobot Iii, A Robot That Works With Human Urine

Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Robotics Laboratory in Bristol, England, recently introduced Ecobot III, a robot with a heart that runs on human urine, a cheap and abundant resource, inexhaustible renewable energy. So urine could become the energy of the future! There are robots that look like people, and then there are