Tag: Ecological Gadgets

Quenchsea, A Low-cost Portable Device For Converting Seawater Into Fresh Water Without Electricity

QuenchSea is a low-cost, portable desalination device that converts salt water into fresh water. For this, the device combines a hydraulic system, a triple pre-filtration process and a small reverse osmosis membrane to desalinate seawater using only human energy. At sea or shore, you can turn sea water into clean drinking water instantly. Under ideal

Qflow, The Ecological Heater

QFlow is an ecological flame-fed heater. Its ventilation allows you to create a zone with a comfortable temperature around it. From this area you can access a warm air conditioning without gas and electricity. Related: Egloo. Heat your room without electricity for 10 cents a day. Simple and intuitive. Up to 100 hours of continuous

The Coral, The First Micro-farm Of Algae For Domestic Use

Hyunseok An, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, has created a prototype indoor micro-farm of algae in an attempt to sustainably and beautifully integrate algae into our everyday lives. Dubbed “The Coral” for its coral-shaped pattern, the microfarm takes the form of a four-by-four gridded bioreactor that can be mounted on the

Bomie’s Boom System. Amplifier For Smartphones

Created by designer  Jeroen Bomers,  the “Bomie’s boom system” is a smartphone amplifier handcrafted by Malawian artisans, those who carve and turn wood, which finally, thanks to the parabola shape, achieves that the sounds are naturally amplified. . Thanks to the design, you only have to leave the phone in a space on the base

Batteriser Multiplies Battery Life By Eight

I just learned that the batteries that we throw away because they no longer work in our gadgets, they still conserve 80% of their energy. And how can this be? AAA batteries, the traditional non-rechargeable batteries, are prepared to offer a constant output of 1.5 v, but when this electrical potential drops to 1.4 v