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Fresh Water. Drinking Water For All

Fresh Water aims to ensure that all households located in isolated areas have the possibility of generating an unlimited amount of high quality water to satisfy their basic needs. Although it really is an evolution of other projects already underway and of which we already spoke in eco-inventions, an advertising panel in Peru, a kind

Orbsys Shower. Saves 90% In Water And 80% In Energy

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi , industrial designer, created this system 2 years ago. Like many other inventions and advancements we enjoy today, this project was funded by NASA and is currently used on their expeditions into space. Remember that in space, astronauts wash and drink from the same source which is constantly recycled. Given its good results

Porec Irrigations Systems

POREC Irrigations Systems, a company founded by the brothers Josep María and Alex Gaya with a long professional career in the development of machinery for the textile industry, has recently finished developing its product, after several years of research and tests, resulting in a new irrigation tube made from technical knitted fabric. It is this

Washup. Washing Machine-toilet.

Sevin Coskun, a Turkish inventor winner of the Green Gadgets 2008 competition, proposes a hybrid between washing machine and toilet to get us to consume less water. Your Washup, as we see in the image, bases its operation on connecting the water outlet and inlet of the washing machine and toilet respectively, with which all

Prototype Of Shower Water Saver Made In Chile

Salomon Valdivia, a faithful reader of eco-inventions, sends us his prototype “saving water for the shower”. It is a device (prototype in operation) in the shape of a capsule that measures 40 cm long by 9 cm wide or diameter and that is easily connected to the shower, in this case to the hose that

Ava Vanity Basin, Reuse The Sink Water.

Ava Vanity Basin, is a system that is committed to the reuse of the water that we throw through the sink. To take advantage of this water, the device recycles it and then stores it so that it can later be used both in the toilet and in irrigation systems. There is a lot that

How To Make A Homemade Water Filter With A Pine Twig

One way to avoid getting sick while traveling is to eat only fruit that you peel yourself, as plants can kill bacteria. Well, why not apply this principle to water filtration directly? A team of scientists has done just that, testing how effective pine wood is in filtering water using xylem, a lignified conductive plant