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Prototype Of Shower Water Saver Made In Chile

Salomon Valdivia, a faithful reader of eco-inventions, sends us his prototype “saving water for the shower”. It is a device (prototype in operation) in the shape of a capsule that measures 40 cm long by 9 cm wide or diameter and that is easily connected to the shower, in this case to the hose that

Ava Vanity Basin, Reuse The Sink Water.

Ava Vanity Basin, is a system that is committed to the reuse of the water that we throw through the sink. To take advantage of this water, the device recycles it and then stores it so that it can later be used both in the toilet and in irrigation systems. There is a lot that

How To Make A Homemade Water Filter With A Pine Twig

One way to avoid getting sick while traveling is to eat only fruit that you peel yourself, as plants can kill bacteria. Well, why not apply this principle to water filtration directly? A team of scientists has done just that, testing how effective pine wood is in filtering water using xylem, a lignified conductive plant

Innovative Solutions To Fight Against Drought

Fight against drought. Image: n21SURIYA Shutterstock We look at some of the drought measures that are in development and in use around the world. Different ways to fight against the lack of fresh water. Drought is one of the worst natural disasters we have faced in recent years. But there are innovative solutions to reduce

Ecofrego, Mop Bucket That Saves Water And Soap

Carlos Rivadulla had the idea when he was scrubbing floors in the military. Now, several years later and with the help of their brother, Juan Rivadulla, they have created the Ecofrego, a mop bucket with two compartments that separate clean water from dirty water. A slight modification of the traditional mop bucket that saves water,