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Cross Rider. New Ecological Vehicle From Seur.

SEUR, the most important express transport and logistics company in Spain and Portugal, has presented in Valencia its new ecological vehicle “Cross Rider”, a small car with an electric motor, which will be used for the delivery of small packages. size and messaging in urban areas. The presentation of this vehicle has taken place at

Powerwall, Tesla’s Battery Depleted Until 2016

Powerwall, Tesla’s battery for storing renewable energy in homes, has exceeded all expectations. So far it has 38,000 reserves, which means it has already depleted its batteries as of June 2016. In addition they also have reserves for 2,500 of the largest commercial-scale batteries destined for the industry, Powerpack. The typical industrial installation is 10

Invasion Of Mini-nuclear Power Plants In The Uk

The UK Government is about to launch a fund to finance the development of small modular SMR reactors. China and the United States are the first to benefit from these resources. It is estimated that 100 million euros will be allocated to support the technology of mini nuclear power plants. While France is struggling with

Production Of Europe’s First Electric Ford Starts

The multinational Ford Motor Company  today opened a new chapter in its history with the beginning of production of the first electric Ford, the new Focus Electric, the first fully electric vehicle manufactured by Ford in Europe, specifically at its plant in Saarlouis, Germany. . The zero-emission Focus Electric leads Ford’s range of highly fuel-efficient

E-kaia, A Gadget Charger That Plugs Into Plants

E-Kaia is a lightweight portable device that takes advantage of plant photosynthesis, taking residual plant energy to convert it into electrical energy. Clean energy that is obtained thanks to what the earth gives us without destroying it. Plantallamp: Illuminate the jungle with plant energy Its designers, three Chilean friends:  Carolina Guerrero, Camila Rupcich and Evelyn

What Can We Do To Reduce The Electricity Bill

Today we will try to give some recommendations to be able to reduce the amount of the electricity bill in your house. The first thing we have to do is know ” what and how much electricity each appliance, household appliance, gadget … ” that we have in our house connected to the electrical network

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Barbecues

Electric grill. Image: Dan Kosmayer Shutterstock Roasted meat or vegetables are a delicious meal for many. There are several types of barbecues or grills, they differ by the type of fuel they use. This time we will talk about electric barbecues, their advantages and disadvantages. To illustrate this particular article we will look at the