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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Underfloor Heating

Radiating floor. Image: Studiovin Shutterstock Underfloor heating is an alternative heating technology that serves to replace classic radiators. Today we will know its main advantages and disadvantages. Underfloor heating is a system of pipes through which hot water circulates. It allows the rooms of a house to maintain a constant temperature. The pipe is embedded

Always Clean And More Efficient Solar Panels, The Secret Of Solarsharc

Manual cleaning of solar panels. Image: Panumas Yanuthai Shutterstock A new European research project has developed a self-cleaning photovoltaic coating technology capable of improving the efficiency of solar modules by 4%. Cleaning the solar panels is done in this easy and inexpensive way. Air pollution is putting great pressure on photovoltaics. According to recent research,

What Blinds To Choose For Your Home?

Choosing the correct blinds is essential, not only in summer. The blinds insulate you from the outside, both acoustically and thermally. In addition, they facilitate the control of the entry of natural light and allow to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Types of blinds. There are different types of blinds, although the roller

Magnetic Gears Reduce The Cost Of Wind Turbines

Transmissions are essential for many mechanical devices. They allow components that rotate at different speeds to work together. For example, the blades of a wind turbine are not directly connected to the electric generator. A transmission takes the relatively low rotational speed of the blades and raises it to the RPM necessary to spin the