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Pakistan’s One Billion Tree Project Is A Success

Photo: Witthawas_Siri / Shutterstock In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, some 730 million trees have been planted using various forest regeneration methods, and 300 million seedlings of some 40 different species were recently planted. In addition, nine million eucalyptus trees were planted in Heroshah in the 2015-2016 period, with the participation of 16,000 workers. ” Eucalyptus trees

4 Surprising Ways Big Cities Are Becoming More Sustainable

Plastic bottle recycling machine. Image: Rokas Tenys Shutterstock One way to reduce some environmental problems is to use the by-products as raw material for other economic activities. Here are four alternatives, ranging from plastic waste to cockroaches. Methane gas for buses in Karachi. The Green Climate Fund and the Asian Development Bank are financing a

Large Companies, With Global Awareness

Every day, environmental awareness is increasing both among society and among large business companies. Thus, although there is always the suspicion of corporate interest, the truth is that, today, many brands are concerned and take actions that are favorable to the environment.  In this sense,  many companies have begun to produce their products in a

The Philippines Passes A Law That Requires Students To Plant 10 Trees If They Want To Graduate

Mangrove reforestation Philippines. Image: Jacob_09 Shutterstock The legislation formalizes the existing tradition and could result in 175 million new trees each year if it is followed. A new Philippine law requires all graduating high school and college students to plant at least 10 trees each before they can graduate. The law formalizes the tradition of