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Outback Cooler. Refrigerator That Does Not Require Electricity

Dutch industrial designer Jo Szczepanskaha has come up with the Outback refrigerator. It is basically a food refrigerator that does not require any electrical system. According to the designer, the mechanism of this contraption uses natural evaporation to produce refrigeration. This natural system is based on the famous “Zeer” pot, which has zero electrical consumption.

Areca Palm. The Best Natural Humidifier

This plant, Areca Palm, can be used for environments where we need to humidify the environment for different reasons. It also removes environmental toxins and tolerates indoor environments. Certainly a good natural alternative for those places where we need a humidifier. Related:  10 floors that purify the air in your home. It is a small

Boc’n Roll.

  I wanted to present you an invention that has had a great impact. It is the BOC’N ROLL, a simple wrapper for sandwiches, fruits and cookies, perfect to take to school, on a field trip or on a trip, thus reducing the use of disposable products. It can be used over and over again

Woobots, The Wooden Transformers

A project to make wooden robots, like Transformers, which are going to be a Christmas success.  In Kickstarter I was looking for financing for USD $10,000, and today they have more than USD $40,000. And they still have 17 days left, so the final figure could easily multiply by 10 what they were looking for.

Airlite, The 100% Natural Paint That Purifies The Air

The damage caused by air pollution is becoming more and more worrying every day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3 million premature deaths occur worldwide each year due to poor air quality. Awaiting the expected results of global agreements to combat climate changeand of the measures that have been put in place at