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Woobots, The Wooden Transformers

A project to make wooden robots, like Transformers, which are going to be a Christmas success.  In Kickstarter I was looking for financing for USD $10,000, and today they have more than USD $40,000. And they still have 17 days left, so the final figure could easily multiply by 10 what they were looking for.

Airlite, The 100% Natural Paint That Purifies The Air

The damage caused by air pollution is becoming more and more worrying every day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3 million premature deaths occur worldwide each year due to poor air quality. Awaiting the expected results of global agreements to combat climate changeand of the measures that have been put in place at

Armchair With Cds.

The Spanish designer Belen Hermosa, has tried to solve the problem of obsolete CDs. We have all ever wondered what to do with them, well, Belen proposes us to convert them into an armchair. We don’t know if it will be very comfortable, but environmentally it is great.

Hibiscus Coccineus: Cultivation And Care

Hibiscus coccineus. Image: Alexander Chelmodeev9 Shutterstock The hibiscus species that you can grow in your garden are many. Hibiscus coccineus is less popular than its cousins ​​Hibiscus syriacus and hibiscus rosa-sinensis. The classic hibiscus plant found in gardens and nurseries, in general, is a variety of the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis species. The Hibiscus cocineus is very