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The 5 Best Anti-mosquito Plants

Plants can be a great natural repellent to keep mosquitoes out of your home. They are various and with different characteristics that make them more or less suitable for different environments. In this article you will find information about the 5 most effective plants for mosquito control, with characteristics and properties. Plants to control mosquitoes.

How To Make Natural Homemade Shaving Cream

Shutterstock The vast majority of commercial cosmetics contain substances, dyes, fragrances or synthetic preservatives, ammonia; silicone; petroleum derivatives, heavy metals, genetically modified substances, among others. These substances damage the environment, pollute the water and use petroleum products, which leave the skin even more oily and full of pimples and pimples, the opposite of natural products.

The Most Effective Home Remedies To Repel Flies

Home remedies to repel flies. Image: nkula – Shutterstock. Do you want to eliminate flies? You can and should do it with organic products, which you can get easily. The fly belongs to the genus of diptera insects, of the muscid family. This annoying insect abounds at certain points and sometimes becomes an active propagator

Dracena: Why The Tree Of Happiness Is Worth Having At Home

How many of you have a Dracena at home? Not everyone knows that this plant hides great beneficial properties. It is no coincidence that the name “Dracaena” comes from the Greek “drakaina = Dragon” (referring to the Dracaena draco, a subtropical evergreen tree). The Dracena produces a red resin that sorcerers, alchemists and healers used

Sunflower Seeds: Properties, Benefits And Uses

Sunflower seeds are appreciated for their nutritional properties: they have a high content of fatty acids and a good contribution of micronutrients, among many others, we highlight the B vitamins and vitamin E, antioxidants and mineral salts such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Sunflower seeds, nutritional values. Are sunflower seeds fattening? It all

Natural Alternatives For Pest And Disease Control

Image: Studio 37 – Shutterstock. In the maintenance of Parks and Gardens, we find ourselves (I dare say that on a daily basis) with the difficult choice of the way in which we should prevent and combat diseases and pests that affect our prized plants. Seasonal changes, lack or excess of irrigation, inadequate drainage, are

Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Wine Vinegar

Properties, benefits and uses of wine vinegar. Image: 5PH Shutterstock Wine vinegar is used at the table as a condiment, but it is also indicated for some beauty treatments. It is also a product that has a beneficial effect on our body: it is indicated in low-calorie diets, it does not contain cholesterol and it

Maca, Benefits, Uses And Properties

Latin America and its communities have contributed great knowledge about the use and consumption of natural and medicinal foods. An example of this is maca, a root native to Peru and widely used by the indigenous communities of that region as an indispensable tool in the treatment of different ailments and ailments. This plant has