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Ammonia For A Sustainable Propulsion System And Low Emissions For The Aircraft Of The Future

Reaction Engines and the Science and Technology Facilities Council of Great Britain (STFC) have completed a concept study on the utility of using ammonia as aviation fuel. By pairing Reaction Engines’ heat exchange technology with STFC’s advanced catalysts, they hope to produce a sustainable, low-emission powertrain for the aircraft of the future. Modern jet engines

Airbus Wants To Save Jobs By Making Hydrogen Planes

CEO Faury expects the support of the German government to keep the jobs. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus hopes that the German state will support it in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. As already announced, Airbus plans to cut a total of 15,000 jobs by the summer of 2021, including 5,100 in Germany alone. With government support,

Bmw, The Hydrogen-powered X5 To Arrive In 2022

BMW continues to believe in hydrogen technology. Already a few months ago the German manufacturer had spoken of its plans in this regard, saying that it was working on a version of its X5 SUV equipped with this particular power supply. The idea is to launch it in 2022 in a reduced number. In case

Low-cost Hydrogen Production With “submerged” Solar Cells

By using a polymeric film that protects photovoltaic cells, the Rice University researchers produce solar hydrogen directly in water. The new low-cost hydrogen production system is inspired by artificial leaves. Researchers from Rice University have designed an efficient and low-cost device for the production of solar hydrogen. And for this they resorted to the last

The First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Flying Taxi Is Unveiled In Los Angeles

Skai presented himself to his potential investors, Alaka’i’s futuristic flying taxi prototype. But for the actual on-air demonstration we will have to wait. The hydrogen-powered flying vehicle promises zero-emission long trips. It is not entirely convincing, but it certainly fascinates. Skai, the hydrogen-powered flying vehicle from startup Alaka’i Technologies, has succeeded in its main goal,

Green Hydrogen: The Ace Up The Sleeve For Post-covid-19 Recovery

Green hydrogen. Image: Alexander Kirch – Shutterstock. If deployed on a commercial scale, green hydrogen could be the “holy grail” of renewable energy, combining efficiency and decarbonization. According to experts, it is time to focus on green hydrogen. Fatih Birol, director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said that green hydrogen is ” ready for