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Windcity, A Hydrokinetic Turbine To Produce Electricity In Any Stream Of Water

The turbine was tested in the French laboratories of the National Institute for the Exploitation of Marine Resources. Its particular variable geometry makes it ideal to take advantage of any turbulent water stream. With no dams or large infrastructure, the WindCity turbine uses the variable geometry of water flows to produce clean energy. WindCity’s hydrokinetic

The Turbine That Can Revolutionize Tidal Energy

A fantastic European project: In its first year of testing, the SR2000 tidal turbine generated 3 GWh of renewable energy without a hitch in the most extreme conditions. It has weathered Scotland’s worst storms in recent years while producing clean energy efficiently and continuously. We are talking about the SR2000, the most powerful floating tidal

They Make Public 530,000 Potential Sites In The World For Pumped Hydroelectric Plants

There are approximately a total of 530,000 potentially viable pumped hydropower storage sites around the world, with a total storage potential of some 22 million GWh. These staggering figures come from a recently published report by Professor Andrew Blakers and other researchers from the RE100 Group at the Australian National University. Pumped hydroelectric plants already