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Burdock, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Burdock is a European plant that can grow to about two meters tall in some cases. This plant is characterized by its flowers, which look like a purple fluff that is born during the first year of gestation and then spreads during the second year. This plant is easy to recognize by its elongated leaves

Reishi Or Ganoderma Lucidum: Properties, Benefits And Uses

Reishi or Ganoderma lucidum: Properties, benefits and uses. Image: tarapong srichaiyos – Shutterstock. The demand for the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom has increased in recent years for its health benefits. For traditional oriental medicine, it is a staple in prescriptions for strengthening the immune system and hepatoprotection. Ganoderma Licidun is a large, dark fungus . It

Wheat Grass, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Image: Bobkov Evgeniy – Shutterstock. Wheatgrass, also known as “wheatgrass” or wheat germinated, is that tender grass from said plantation, collected while it is still green, and has a wide nutritional content. Every day there are more followers to consume this natural product, as a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Properties of wheat grass.

Properties, Uses And Benefits Of Amaranth

Amaranth is a plant that can grow up to three meters, and there are at least 800 species around the world. Each flower is made up of other smaller flowers that contain a seed that is the part that is most consumed, as it is used to prepare cereals, flours, among other derivatives. Its origin

Kelp, A Gift From The Sea To Activate Your Metabolism

Kelp, properties, uses and benefits. Image: iktor Kochetkov – Shutterstock. Kelp is the name given to various groups of seaweed that, thanks to their high content of vitamins and minerals, are used as a dietary supplement and provide great benefits to those who consume them, improving metabolism, facilitating digestion and even used to lose weight.

Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have been widely used in cooking since ancient times. The laurel is located within the lauraceae family. Although it is not clear, it is possible that it originated in Asia Minor and from there to the entire Mediterranean region. The laurel is a large, evergreen tree that grows up to 9 meters in

The Great Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Mint

Mint is an herb that grows in all parts of the world, but like most medicinal plants, it has its origin in the Mediterranean region and it was the Roman Empire that was responsible for transporting mint to various places and then spreading throughout itself, thanks to its various properties, has become a very popular

Benefits, Uses And Medicinal Properties Of Cardamom

Meet the Cardamom! This aromatic herb from the Plantae kingdom is sourced from the rainforests of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Sumata. It has been known since ancient times for its excellent benefits and properties for health and gastronomy since 700 in India and then it was known for its distribution in Europe in 1200.

Saffron, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Meet saffron! It is a spice that derives from the 3 dry stigmas of the pistil of the flower known as Crocus sativus, a species that belongs to the genus Crocus within the Iridaceae family. Saffron comes from Asia Minor, from an area near Kashmir, specifically from ancient Persia (Iran), but it is cultivated in

Benefits, Uses And Properties Of Parsley

Parsley is an excellent seasoning that is used in many recipes, especially in those recipes where meat and fish are used. Parsley has an exceptional aroma that is very characteristic of this plant, unmistakable with any other, but apart from being an excellent cooking ingredient, parsley has many benefits for our health. It is difficult