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Saffron, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Meet saffron! It is a spice that derives from the 3 dry stigmas of the pistil of the flower known as Crocus sativus, a species that belongs to the genus Crocus within the Iridaceae family. Saffron comes from Asia Minor, from an area near Kashmir, specifically from ancient Persia (Iran), but it is cultivated in

Benefits, Uses And Properties Of Parsley

Parsley is an excellent seasoning that is used in many recipes, especially in those recipes where meat and fish are used. Parsley has an exceptional aroma that is very characteristic of this plant, unmistakable with any other, but apart from being an excellent cooking ingredient, parsley has many benefits for our health. It is difficult

Flaxseeds: Properties, Benefits And Uses

Nature never tires of offering man hundreds of nutritional and healthy alternatives, and he has taken advantage of a good part of them. One of these “gifts” of nature for man is Flax. Today we talk about its properties, benefits and uses When we talk about flaxseed, we refer to the seed of the flax

Boldo, Benefits, Properties And Uses

Boldo, benefits, properties and uses. Image: Auribe – Shutterstock. Do you know boldo? It is a plant that you must know for its great properties. Its scientific name is Peumus Boldus and this is a plant native to South America and is mainly found in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Peru. Boldo

Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Marshmallow

When we talk about marshmallow, we immediately associate it with those edible and delicious sugar gums for children, which are usually eaten normal or hoes, as well as seen in series or movies on television. Oddly enough, those sweet marshmallows contained extracts from the marshmallow plant in their original recipe, hence the name of this

Benefits And Properties Of Stevia

Stevia, originally from Paraguay (ka’a he’e or “the sweet herb” in Guaraní), is a plant of the sunflower family and has become one of the crops with the greatest potential in the world. Stevia has a sweetening capacity equivalent to 300 times that of sugar, its properties are unique in the world. Stevia is a

Burdock, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Burdock is a European plant that can grow to about two meters tall in some cases. This plant is characterized by its flowers, which look like a purple fluff that is born during the first year of gestation and then spreads during the second year. This plant is easy to recognize by its elongated leaves

Reishi Or Ganoderma Lucidum: Properties, Benefits And Uses

Reishi or Ganoderma lucidum: Properties, benefits and uses. Image: tarapong srichaiyos – Shutterstock. The demand for the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom has increased in recent years for its health benefits. For traditional oriental medicine, it is a staple in prescriptions for strengthening the immune system and hepatoprotection. Ganoderma Licidun is a large, dark fungus . It

Wheat Grass, Properties, Benefits And Uses

Image: Bobkov Evgeniy – Shutterstock. Wheatgrass, also known as “wheatgrass” or wheat germinated, is that tender grass from said plantation, collected while it is still green, and has a wide nutritional content. Every day there are more followers to consume this natural product, as a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Properties of wheat grass.