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Children’s Beekeeping Manual

This manual aims to give some basic knowledge about beekeeping work, especially to the smallest of the house. Beekeeping is a practice in which through the care of bees we obtain direct benefits (honey, pollen, propolis …) and indirect (pollination of plants). A complete definition would be “the applied science that studies the honeybee and

Free Online Bioconstruction Manual

A bio-construction manual based on bags of earth and bales of straw. It seeks to rescue old house construction techniques, combining them with new contributions that allow managing resources, reducing the high impact on the environment. Related:  Documentary: Bioconstruction. The garbage warrior. Currently, homes that involve high energy consumption for air conditioning and lighting are

18 Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques

A practical manual of sustainable organic agriculture written by producers, from their experience, who have been developing this type of agriculture in El Salvador for years, with very good results for production. A practical manual that provides detailed recipes in relation to the techniques, with pictures to make it easier to understand. Index: Organic dewormer

Book Environmental Education And Responsible Consumption

Update: After the successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is finally published and for sale. You canbuy it in this link. For more information jlietor@ono.com. Jose Liétor, Doctor in Biology (specializing in Ecology), seeks the necessary funding to be able to publish his book ” Environmental Education and Responsible Consumption ” through a crowdfunding campaign. With

Free Book: Consume Less, Live Better

Today we share the book Consume Less, Live Better : Practical Ideas for a More Conscious Consumption. Its author is Toni Lodeiro. Related: Living without money. Mark Boyle has done it. ” Consume Less, Live Better ” is a book that can be read for free online or purchased in its printed version. In its

Technical Guide For Harvesting Rainwater

This guide will teach you how to easily and economically capture and store rainwater that can be used in agricultural production (chakras or home gardens), in animal consumption, drinking trough and cleaning pens), and in household chores ( washing clothes and cleaning the house). Index. 1. Introduction. 2. Objective. 3. Climate of the Ecuadorian Sierra.