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Super Light Photovoltaic Cells Floating In A Soap Bubble

© 2020 KAUST; Anastasia serin The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology continues to advance solar thin film with solar inkjet printing. The printed organic photovoltaic cells achieve an efficiency of 4.73%. Super light, thin and flexible photovoltaic cells that can even “float” on the surface of a soap bubble. This is how we

Solar Energy For Irrigation: Solutions And Types

Image: Tofan Singh Chouhan – Shutterstock. Among the various applications for photovoltaic panels is their use in the generation of solar energy for agricultural irrigation. As in domestic and commercial installations, here the technology is also presented as an economical and sustainable solution to replace other sources of energy. Using only sunlight as “fuel”, the

How To Know Which Are The Best Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Image: sondem – Shutterstock. The renewable energy market is constantly changing. We already have several options to make our energy consumption even more environmentally friendly. In this article we want to talk about everything that must be taken into account when choosing the best photovoltaic panels 2020. How to choose the best photovoltaic panels 2020