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Shredder Container

Jesús Pérez Santafé, from Zaragoza, is the inventor of a shredder container for the selective collection of urban solid waste and different special adaptations for each of the different types of waste, including the domestic shredder container. This invention aims to contribute to current waste recycling systems by incorporating a mechanical system in current public

Recompute: Green Computer.

Computers are very good, thanks to them we have been able to advance in various fields but as often happens not everything is good. Those same machines that make it easier for us to continue developing experiments, research, work and a long etcetera are also a very important source of waste, some quite complicated to

Ecological Access Lathe.

  The VIVA design team from the Guangdong University of Technology in China won first prize at Taiwan’s 2010 Lite-On awards with its prototype power generating access lathe. The concept in which they move is that all the kinetic energy that is generated when passing through the lathes, serves to feed the energy needs of

Hula Washer. Washing Machine In A Hula Hoop.

The “Hula Washer” is a prototype washing machine designed by Electrolux engineers . This washing machine in a hula hoop  entertains us and keeps us in shape while we do our laundry. It does not consume electrical energy, only the own that we provide with our body movement. We just have to put the detergent

Lappack. Briefcase With Recycled Paper.

Congresses and other similar events are increasingly an essential communication and networking tool for companies, universities, organizations, institutions … with the consequent need to deliver documentation, gifts and objects to store it. However, nowadays there is no product that is respectful with the environment, nor does it cover well all the needs of the attendees.

Washup. Washing Machine-toilet.

Sevin Coskun, a Turkish inventor winner of the Green Gadgets 2008 competition, proposes a hybrid between washing machine and toilet to get us to consume less water. Your Washup, as we see in the image, bases its operation on connecting the water outlet and inlet of the washing machine and toilet respectively, with which all