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What To Do With Aluminum Cans

Why should a beer or soda can end up in the trash? In addition to wonderful aluminum sculptures, you can use the cans for very useful projects. Do not throw them away, take advantage of them and take care of the environment at the same time. Ideas of what to do with aluminum cans. You

Portraits Made With Bottle Corks.

Scott Gundersen  collects hundreds of thousands of corks to make these magnificent portraits. The idea came after a trip to Africa, where he understood that we have to reuse and recycle everything possible. For each portrait he uses an average of 9,217 corks and takes about 50 hours just to put the corks. We can

Waste Management In The Company, A Complex Activity

Waste management is a complex issue both in civil and industrial fields. In industrial waste management, in particular, they are treated with a series of very different wastes, often dangerous or requiring special treatment by law, and precise disposal or recovery, all of them spiced up with a large number of bureaucratic requirements that they

Shredder Container

Jesús Pérez Santafé, from Zaragoza, is the inventor of a shredder container for the selective collection of urban solid waste and different special adaptations for each of the different types of waste, including the domestic shredder container. This invention aims to contribute to current waste recycling systems by incorporating a mechanical system in current public

Bow Bin. Refurbished Bins.

Designed by the German Cordula Kehrer, the materials Rattan and Recycled Plastic. They are manufactured by indigenous Filipinos from the Aeta tribe through the NGO Preda.  These restore the plastic material that comes with Rattan, creating very interesting designs. It is important to mention that this process is fair trade, in which the artisans receive

Brown Recycling Bin, What Is It And What Is It Used For?

The new brown container is used for the selective collection of domestic or urban organic matter. One more step in waste recycling, the fifth selective collection container to close the circle of comprehensive recycling of our urban waste. The European Commission, within its various objectives set for 2020 regarding the reduction of urban waste and