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What To Do With Orange Peels

What to do with the orange peels. Image: NFGuzenko Shutterstock Many people throw orange peels in the trash can. However, it is a very useful part of the fruit. You can use it for infusions, salads, as a repellent, among many other uses. Oranges are one of the most consumed fruits in the world, but

Tableware Made With Remains Of Ceramics, Glass And Stone

Reusing 100% of waste to bring new household items to life is what makes Liverpool-based Granby Workshop. This company uses crushed glass, old tiles, factory waste and other waste that would end up in the trash to create a line made entirely from recycled materials. Christened Granbyware, the collection consists of plates, bowls and cups.

What To Do With Shoe Boxes

What to do with the shoe boxes. Image: Koldunov Alexey – Shutterstock. One of the materials that we can always have on hand are shoe boxes. Surely you have accumulated many shoe boxes, sometimes empty without knowing what to do with them. If you want to give them a utility, don’t miss these ideas. All

What To Do With Leftover Christmas Nougat

Image: Shutterstock. Nougat leftovers are the basis for delicious recipes that can highlight your culinary skills. Ice cream, cookies and much more. Christmas is the ideal time of year to share with family and friends and exchange gifts. Among the preparations for this traditional family feast, the preparation of sweets abounds, among which the nougat

Thestooler, Almost Any Object Can Be A Seat

The idea is that using TheStooler  we can convert almost any object into a seat, as we see in the image, a wooden box, newspapers, drawers, a log or a ball. Created by  Andreu Carulla Studio, they want to  reuse and recycle objects to use as a seat. With four legs and adjustable buckles, they

Use A Pringles Can To Make A Mobile Speaker

With a pack of Pringles you can create a speaker for your mobile phone. Simple, useful and cheap. The speaker serves as an amplifier. We save money, recycle and increase the volume of our mobile. Step by step instructions: First of all we need to make the hole where the phone is inserted. To do