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Ecological Freighter

Study Sauter Carbon Offset Design He intends to build a 426 meter long merchant ship to transport oil around the world. The hybrid propulsion of the boat stands out thanks to its 20 sails on deck and a large number of solar panels to be installed. A few different sails but also applied to maritime transport

Honda Kaze. Wind And Solar Car.

The new Honda Kaze, a car design with zero carbon emissions, which is powered solely and exclusively by renewable energy, wind and solar. Designed as a prototype for a competition, the Kaze Honda incorporates some very interesting features. Its wide curved windshield is reinforced by transparent solar panels, capturing sunlight, which it then turns into

Batteriser Multiplies Battery Life By Eight

I just learned that the batteries that we throw away because they no longer work in our gadgets, they still conserve 80% of their energy. And how can this be? AAA batteries, the traditional non-rechargeable batteries, are prepared to offer a constant output of 1.5 v, but when this electrical potential drops to 1.4 v

This Should Be The Entrance To All Schools

The vast majority of children in the Netherlands come to school by bicycle. In the video we can see the usual way to reach the premises of the students of a school in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (aka Den Bosch) in the Netherlands. The school itself is nothing special, they are all like that in Holland. Dutch schools

Advantages Of Using Led Lights At Home

Today, very few people are not yet familiar with LEDs. The truth is that since they came on the market, they have taken over. We can find them in any corner; from in private homes to lighting in industrial buildings or public lighting. The truth is that who does not like to save? LED lights

What Can We Do To Reduce The Electricity Bill

Today we will try to give some recommendations to be able to reduce the amount of the electricity bill in your house. The first thing we have to do is know ” what and how much electricity each appliance, household appliance, gadget … ” that we have in our house connected to the electrical network

One Bike. The Total Bicycle.

One Bike is an innovation, as well as a nice and strange electric bike, which turns into an exercise bike and also generates its own energy. It is a device that can generate electricity for later use, through kinetic energy, since it has built-in batteries in which the energy produced is stored. After normal use