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Something May Be Changing In China, The Province Of Qinghai Is Able To Live Only With Renewable 9 Days

Shutterstock Image Qinghai province has reached a milestone for renewable energy in China, it has been able to operate for 9 days only by feeding itself with energy from renewable sources. Northwest China’s Qinghai Province was powered 100% by wind, solar and hydroelectric power for 216 hours in late June, according to Goldwind. The milestone

Self-consumption Photovoltaic Kit, Energy Just For You

Shutterstock Image Switching to clean energy for household supply is an increasingly widespread option. Its advantages are many, from not contributing to the environmental impact derived from polluting sources, to reducing electricity bills. However, taking the step and starting to take advantage of the energy that comes from the sun to illuminate a home and

Australia Exceeds 6 Gw Of Solar Capacity Due To The Explosion Of Facilities For Domestic Self-consumption

Shutterstock Image In the antipodes of Spain, Australia emerges as the paradise of solar energy, with a capacity that has already crossed the barrier of 6 GW, mainly thanks to self-consumption. In fact, solar installations in homes represent neither more nor less than 92% of the total capacity, with up to 5,600 megawatts. The record

Customizable Solar Kits, What Options Do We Have?

Self-consumption solar kit. Image: Styleuneed.de Shutterstock Generating your own energy, self-consuming what your solar panels produce, is one of the greatest satisfactions you can have, I assure you ???? But not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view. The price of the plates and other solar accessories