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Boc’n Roll.

  I wanted to present you an invention that has had a great impact. It is the BOC’N ROLL, a simple wrapper for sandwiches, fruits and cookies, perfect to take to school, on a field trip or on a trip, thus reducing the use of disposable products. It can be used over and over again

Glasses Frames With Stone

The Stone Collection  consists of two glasses that were built with stone thanks to the help of a German engineering company, their job was to shape and polish the stone into these glasses that have 100% UV protection. This was done:

Guide To A Sustainable Vacation

We call sustainable tourism to all those tourist activities that respect the natural, cultural and social environment, and with the values ​​of a community, which allow to enjoy a positive exchange of experiences between residents and visitors, a Sustainable Vacation. Some tips to enjoy a more sustainable tourism: Use public transport for your trips. 82.8%