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Calculation Of The Emissions Of The Ave To Malaga

@twenergy #sustainablemobility Last month we traveled on the AVE from Madrid – Malaga on the occasion of the visit to the Malaga Smart City, all magnificently organized by the friends of  twenergy.com. During the journey, we were able to know first-hand that the emissions of this train trip are Zero. We explain why. In 2012,

“flygskam”, Traveling By Plane Has Become A Source Of Shame In Sweden

Stockholm airport. Image: Lia Koltyrina Shutterstock The Swedish airport operator reports a decline in passenger numbers, while railways are registering a record number of passengers: Since Greta Thunberg leads protests in the country, more and more Swedes are stopping flying for environmental reasons. Terms like “flygskam” (literally “airplane embarrassment”), “tagskryt” (bragging about going by train)

Europe’s First Truck With A Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Renault Trucks and La Poste (the company that manages the mail in France) will put an electric Maxity into circulation for the first time in Europe with an autonomy extender that works with a hydrogen fuel cell, which allows doubling the autonomy of the truck. And it is that hydrogen is postulated as one of

Nubike, The Bicycle With Traction Levers Instead Of Chain

Probably ever since bicycles were invented, people have been looking for alternatives to the traditional approach of pedaling in circles. Los Angeles inventor Rodger Parker has used one of these alternatives on his NuBike, which he says is more efficient than a chain drive bike. Along with its carbon fiber frame, what really stands out

Phoenix Electric Car

This Phoenix car is 100% electric. You can recharge your batteries in 10 minutes to travel about 100 miles on each charge. It can reach speeds of up to 150 km / h. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 10 seconds. They use a battery with NanoSafe ™ technology, with a non-toxic

The Electric Bike Revolution

Shutterstock Image Young and old, urbanites or simply lovers of sports or nature. Few resist eBikes, which are gaining so many followers as to speak of a true electric bicycle revolution. In Europe alone, for every car purchase, up to 60 of this alternative means of transport materialize, especially advantageous for mobility in the city.