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Ecological Freighter

Study Sauter Carbon Offset Design He intends to build a 426 meter long merchant ship to transport oil around the world. The hybrid propulsion of the boat stands out thanks to its 20 sails on deck and a large number of solar panels to be installed. A few different sails but also applied to maritime transport

Learn About The Advantages Of Electric Bicycles

New Year New Life. 2019 has begun and with it, the new and good characteristic purposes. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular is taking care of yourself more and doing sports, a very beneficial action for health. However, not everyone realizes that the most important thing is to start thinking about the planet and the

Miracle In Shenzen: 16,000 Electric Buses In 6 Years

The Chinese megalopolis of 11 million people will be the world’s first city with a full fleet of electric buses by the end of 2017. Electric buses are being practically eaten in China, specifically in Shenzen, a metropolis of 11 million inhabitants, which already launched a pilot project in 2011. In just six years, the

Guide To A Sustainable Vacation

We call sustainable tourism to all those tourist activities that respect the natural, cultural and social environment, and with the values ​​of a community, which allow to enjoy a positive exchange of experiences between residents and visitors, a Sustainable Vacation. Some tips to enjoy a more sustainable tourism: Use public transport for your trips. 82.8%

This Should Be The Entrance To All Schools

The vast majority of children in the Netherlands come to school by bicycle. In the video we can see the usual way to reach the premises of the students of a school in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (aka Den Bosch) in the Netherlands. The school itself is nothing special, they are all like that in Holland. Dutch schools

Calculation Of The Emissions Of The Ave To Malaga

@twenergy #sustainablemobility Last month we traveled on the AVE from Madrid – Malaga on the occasion of the visit to the Malaga Smart City, all magnificently organized by the friends of  twenergy.com. During the journey, we were able to know first-hand that the emissions of this train trip are Zero. We explain why. In 2012,

“flygskam”, Traveling By Plane Has Become A Source Of Shame In Sweden

Stockholm airport. Image: Lia Koltyrina Shutterstock The Swedish airport operator reports a decline in passenger numbers, while railways are registering a record number of passengers: Since Greta Thunberg leads protests in the country, more and more Swedes are stopping flying for environmental reasons. Terms like “flygskam” (literally “airplane embarrassment”), “tagskryt” (bragging about going by train)