E-wings. Universal Solar Power System For Any Electric Bike To Be Autonomous

E-Wings.  Universal solar power system for any electric bike to be autonomous

E-Wings, a universal power system to extend the energy autonomy of any electric bicycle through continuous solar recharging of its battery, making it autonomous, especially useful for cycling tourism. The structure has been designed by Clausell studio, the solar panels and the electronic system by Textil Energy.

Its simple design allows it to be placed on any bicycle since the structure is fixed to its saddlebags, becoming an essential element that cycling enthusiasts cannot miss.

eWings - Solar panel detail

The solar modules provide an installed power of 40 W, specially designed for easy removal and use in situations outside the world of cycling, thus increasing their versatility. They are lightweight and fold easily.

eWings - General

The structure is composed of two wings where both solar modules are housed, a way to obtain maximum power generation by tilting them as the sun hits.

eWings - Bike and solar panel detail

The set includes a waterproof bag enclosed in the frame of the metal structure. In its padded interior both on the side walls and on the bottom, 2 areas are clearly distinguished; The first one, and closest to the saddle, houses the bicycle’s own battery together with the electric motor regulator and a charge regulator specially designed by the TEXTIL ENERGY company, which automatically adjusts the input voltage from the solar modules to the state of charge of the bicycle’s lithium-ion battery, in addition, in the second department, it has several USB outputs in order to power Tablets, Smartphones or other electronic devices of the cyclist.

eWings - Bag detail

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