Easy Brick, Argentine Bricks Made From Recycled Soda Caps

Easy Brick, Argentine bricks made from recycled soda caps

A family in Tigre designed recycled plastic bricks to build houses. The idea came about four years ago with the intention of helping people who have fewer resources. The idea is simple but innovative, a brick made of plastic bottle caps, easy to assemble and that contributes to the reduction of plastic waste.

EasyBrick is a brick made from recycled plastic waste, specifically 330 recycled soda caps.

Easy Brick, Argentine bricks

These bricks weigh less than 1 kg, between 900 gr and 1 kg. Their walls make up three layers of air, which makes them totally thermally insulating.

In the manufacturing process they add flame retardant, which makes it totally fire retardant.

Its main advantage is the speed of work it gives you. You can build a 3 meter wall in 2-3 hours, depending on your skill with these bricks.

It does not require specialized labor for its assembly or wet materials. Starting from an absolutely smooth audience, the bricks begin to superimpose, as if it were the assembly of a LEGO and, leaving a few hairs to strain the concrete there, you build the columns.

The brick production process is born from recycled PP, these plastic pellets enter the hopper, heat and melt at about 200ÂșC, more or less, the screw passes, which is the one that pushes the material and ends up in a brick armed. For 55 square meters of a house it takes one day. Another of its advantages is that it can be manufactured locally, it does not require highly specialized machinery and the raw material can be found anywhere in the world.

EasyBrick features.

Among its main characteristics we can find:

  • Lightweight:  low weight and high structural performance. Ideal for fast works. Reduces costs on site.
  • Recycled:  Virgin raw material is not used in its manufacture.
  • Durability: Useful life 100 years.
  • Adaptable: Very versatile system, adaptable to dry construction projects and combinable with traditional construction.
  • Waterproof: The water absorption percentage of these bricks is 0%.
  • Athermic: Low thermal conductivity, enhanced by the 3 air chambers that make up the design of the block.
  • Acoustic: They have 3 air chambers that make up an acoustic spectrum superior to that of other systems.

How to build.

As you can see, the system is quite simple.

More information: easy-brick.com

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