Ebus, The Electric Bus That Recharges Its Battery With Renewables At Bus Stops

Although Switzerland is not one of the most polluting countries in the European Union, it is one of the partners that sets a better example to other members of the community.

Recently, residents of the city of St. Moritz (in the Canton of Grisons, in Maloja) have signed up for sustainable public transport and have already seen the eBus, an electric bus that uses time, work for the first time on their streets waiting at stops to recharge your battery.

The eBus takes advantage of these parking lots to connect to a pantograph that provides a load of around 450 kW.

This new transport model already operating in St. Moritz not only contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, but its use also manages to greatly curb noise pollution, another of the main problems in urban areas.

In search of sustainable tourism.

St. Moritz was encouraged to participate in the eBus initiative (in which companies such as Volvo or Siemens are involved) as a result of its inclusion in the EnergieStadt project ; a plan that was launched approximately thirteen years ago and that aims to take advantage of the many visits that its surroundings receive, turning them into sustainable tourism.

Bringing the economic engines of countries closer to clean energy is a purpose that Switzerland shares with many other members of the European Union. In fact, ‘sustainable tourism’ are two words that sound more and more often in cities such as Barcelona (Spain) and, in addition, there are European cities such as Hamburg (Germany) or Vienna (Austria) where the eBus has already been operating for some time. a couple of years.

With a scenario in which a European country such as Norway has already confirmed that it will ban the circulation of diesel or gasoline cars in 2025, Switzerland is stealthily approaching more than acceptable figures in terms of the use of electric vehicles: out of every 50 cars that are they sell, at least one is plug-in hybrid. Even so, the Swiss hope that the energies deposited in this e-bus initiative will not only translate into a reduction in pollution, but also in an increase in public awareness.

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