Ebussy, The Modular Electric Van That You Will Adapt According To Your Needs Like A Lego

eBussy is a new German-designed electric camper that promises one of the most impressive modularities on the market, switching between family van, cargo van, station wagon, motorhome, off-road adventure van and other configurations. And it seems to be surprisingly affordable.

Volkswagen has given its electric van designs a more futuristic identity, but ElectricBrands is more traditional. Its eBussy design looks a lot like a Transporter T1 / T2, redesigned for modern times.

It has a flat front, round glossy headlights, soft box body, and partially covered rear wheels.

Like the early VW Type 2s, the eBussy is not a conventional vehicle, but rather the platform of an entire family of vehicles, ranging from flatbed and dump trucks to delivery, estate and camping vans.

This modularity is not just a useful feature, it is the feature on which eBussy’s design was based, with the idea that owners can easily change individual modules to turn a vehicle into any vehicle for all their transportation needs. passenger and cargo.

ElectricBrands promises that it will be as easy as building a LEGO.

The basis of the eBussy is a pair of electrified chassis, one optimized for city driving, the other for off-road. Each comes equipped with a four-motor electric motor and a 10-30 kWh battery underbody. 15 kW motors are integrated into each wheel, with speeds of up to 90 km / h.

ElectricBrands expects the base weight of the eBussy models to be between 450 and 600 kg, estimating that the 10 kWh base battery pack would provide enough power for a 200 km range, dropping to around 150 km when fully charged. With larger batteries and solar panels on the roof, he estimates that range figures could go up to 800/600 km.

Normally when a truck is launched, we have to imagine how it will look with its various configurations. But thanks to the modular design and ElectricBrands team of designers, eBussy’s renderings show many ready-made configurations, including the micro-truck.

At 364 cm, the eBussy Camper is much smaller than the average mini-camper.

Its estimated starting price is about 28,880 euros (about $33,850).

The Camper would be, not surprisingly, the most expensive, and the flatbed minivan the one with the lowest estimated base price of 15,800 euros ($18,500). The cargo and family vans would start at an estimated price of 19,600 euros ($22,975).

ElectricBrands plans to launch the eBussy in 2021, but it can already be booked online at: electricbrands.de

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