Echoes Powercube. Solar-powered Mobile Power Plant

Echoes PowerCube

The latest product from Ecosfera Technologies combines several of our favorites into one easy-to-move package: shipping containers, solar panels to produce electricity, and the generation of drinking water. With the new Ecos PowerCube, this company can offer a self-sufficient solar power station, transported by land, sea or air to any part of the world that is needed.

Ecos PowerCube ® is the largest solar powered mobile generator in the world. It works with high power photo voltaic panels to which wind turbines can be installed.

Echoes PowerCube

The energy generated is stored in built-in batteries. The unit is designed to fit within shipping containers for easy transportation. Once unloaded, its solar panels extend beyond the container, increasing the size of the array three times. Power production can start immediately, and can go up to 15 kW.

It incorporates communication and water treatment and distribution systems. These systems can provide Internet connectivity within 30 miles, satellite communications, and clean water. The unit can power external systems such as hospitals or schools.

Military PowerCube Echoes

So it can have many uses, from humanitarian aid and relief operations, military, or power generation in remote locations.

Echoes PowerCube disasters

Once the unit is open and operational, it provides a large covered area that can be used for temporary classrooms or dormitories.

Humanitarian PowerCube Echoes

If the weather starts to get nasty, the entire unit can be repackaged in an instant, and it can be controlled and operated remotely.

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