Eco Cooler, An Ecological Air Conditioner, Free And Without Electricity

Ecological air conditioning, ecological air conditioning

This home air conditioner is composed of recycled materials and does not need electricity, it can be built by anyone anywhere in the world for free. And works!

Home air conditioning.

The most rudimentary systems are sometimes the most surprising (remember air conditioning vs fan ). Today’s example is the perfect illustration:

In Bangladesh, engineers have developed a 100% environmentally friendly home air conditioner, an air conditioner that does not need electricity to operate ! An exemplary and ingenious invention.

Eco cooler (the name of this invention) has been designed by Grameen Intel Social Business, a company that works to find technological solutions that can be available to the entire population.

Why have they worked on an inexpensive air conditioner?

Because in Bangladesh they are regularly subjected to times of great heat (up to 45 °) and the population suffers greatly: the houses are made of steel and the temperature reaches maximum temperatures.

The idea was simple, but at the same time very ambitious. Develop an efficient air conditioning with low-cost materials, if possible recycled and accessible to the population, efficient and easy to build. A few months later, they met the challenge: Eco cooler meets all these conditions …

Home air conditioner
Home air conditioner with plastic bottles

With a simple board and a few plastic bottles, you can lower the temperature by 5 ° C in a few minutes!

How this ecological air conditioner works.

The operation is very simple. To understand it, do this test: blow into your hand with your mouth wide open, you will feel the hot air. On the other hand, do the same exercise with your mouth almost closed, you will feel the cold air. To lower the air temperature, Eco-cooler simply uses this pressure difference system.


Plastic bottles are cut into two parts and laid out on a board. The board is placed in a window, with the bottlenecks facing into the house. In this way, we will refresh the house naturally!

It’s great, but that’s not all: Grameen Intel has no intention of doing business with your home air conditioner. The company has even shared manufacturing instructions online – copyrighted free! Therefore, anyone can copy the system and make one at home.

Eco Cooler3

A smart way to gain comfort without harming the environment, or compromising your health (unlike traditional air conditioners). And, in addition, it encourages the recycling of plastic bottles!

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