Eco-drive. The World’s First Watch That Uses Green Energy

The Citizen Eco-Drive belongs to a series of watches that use renewable energy sources to charge the batteries.

The Citizen Eco-Drive belongs to a series of watches that use renewable energy sources to charge the batteries. We do not need to replace the battery, as it does not carry. For this reason, they are considered one of the most ecological watches in the world.

Within the Eco-Drive range there are different models that use different sources of alternative energy, there are models that produce energy through the difference in temperature between the user’s wrist and the environment. This temperature difference creates energy by the Seebeck effect, charging the battery. There are models that generate energy through mechanical movement that converts movement into mechanical energy as it is needed. The energy generated by the solar and mechanical systems then charges the battery.

How does eco-drive work?

In the case of the two independent charging systems, they not only guarantee a high autonomy and the ability to generate power in all situations (even in complete darkness or absolute immobility), but also allow the use of complex functions, such as the chronograph that needs a lot of energy to function properly.

eco-drive citizen

Among its main characteristics we can highlight:

  • We do not need to replace the battery, since it does not carry.
  • Electrical energy can be generated by any light source.
  • The system for obtaining electrical energy does not need maintenance.
  • Safety and reliability in its benefits.
  • Lithium and titanium battery, it will maintain 80% of its charge even after twenty years of continuous use.

Eco-Drive Duo has, with full load, a maximum autonomy of approximately 5 months.

eco drive duo

More features:

The operating principle of Eco-Drive technology is as follows: the watch must have the ability to feed itself by taking external energy, transforming it autonomously into electricity and storing the excess energy produced to ensure continuity of operation over time. The watch absorbs any type of light from the dial, a solar cell that is underneath transforms it into electricity that is stored in a high capacity accumulator, releasing it according to the need to operate the watch, guaranteeing autonomy even in case of shortage. recharging for long periods of time.

It is made of amorphous silicone: the most efficient transformer of light into electricity, whether artificial or natural, and which is capable of absorbing it from any lighting angle.

It has a very high performance accumulator that contains titanium-lithium ions, with a large storage capacity, free of mercury, cadmium, lead or any other type of polluting matter. It can store enough energy for continuous watch operation, without recharging, for up to 1.3 years (depending on model). After 20 years of operation, the decrease in performance and efficiency of the same is not more than 20%. Therefore, as long as you enjoy a light source, the Citizen watch will continue to operate without interruption.

Maximum margin of error less than 10 seconds / year, thanks to a sophisticated integrated circuit.

The sphere is located on a panel sensitive to light energy. Since the system is based on light, the sphere will transmit it to the lower panel to transform it into electricity.

Great technology for a watch.

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