Eco Options, New Portal For Savings And Sustainability

Leroy Melin launches a new site that wants to serve as an information point to train the community on issues such as saving water and energy, how to have a healthier home every day or how to respect forests, among other topics.

Today there are solutions to consume and live in a more sustainable way, it is an obligation on the part of all of society to try. Leroy Merlin wants to do his bit with this portal, a website that will propose solutions to make this path to sustainability faster, more effective and efficient.

Eco Options is presented as an eminently educational portal, trying to raise awareness in society through education. In an easy, simple and practical way you will learn how daily helping the environment is not as difficult as you think. If you did not know or have never been interested in the world of ecology, I am sure that Eco Options in a short time, will awaken a concern that will increase day by day. And it is that helping our world to be better every day is engaging !!!

Eco Options sections

On the web you will see that the information is divided into 4 sections: Saving water, Saving energy, Healthy home and Sustainable forest. In each of them you will find a multitude of tips related to the subject. We detail them below:

Saving water: in this section the first thing that will catch your attention is the phrase ” Reduce your water consumption by up to 50% “. It is possible and they give you the keys and solutions to achieve it. Did you know that in Spain 150 liters of water are consumed per person per day? Water is a scarce commodity today and we have to take care of it.

save water

Saving energy : Saving energy at home is simple, knowing what we have to do. Habits that will not involve more work than you have right now, but that will bring you an economic gain by saving electricity, and at the same time you will preserve the environment. There are solutions on the market, amortizable in most cases in a very short time, so that your home becomes an efficient home. In this section you will find products and practical advice that will help you achieve it.

save energy

Healthy home : in this section you will find many practical advice and tips to turn your home into a healthy home. Don’t forget that a sick house will make you sick too. In our house we can make the necessary changes to eliminate unhealthy factors that, in the long run, cause diseases and allergies.

healthy home

Sustainable forest : in this section you will learn to distinguish, through the certifications that currently exist, the woods that come from sustainable forest management and those that do not. A detail that is of crucial importance since 500 thousand hectares of forests and jungles are lost every year, most of them due to illegal logging.

wood certifications

A new portal with which you can save money and take care of our environment.

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