Eco-stock, Converting Industrial Waste Heat Into Clean Electricity

This novel solution connects to industrial plants to convert waste heat into CO2-free electricity.

To meet the 1.5 ° C target of the Paris Agreements, industrial processes must improve their efficiency, reducing, reusing and recycling waste. While much of the attention lately has been on material or organic waste, one type of waste recovery could have a big impact: heat.

Today, much of the heat generated by the industrial sector is wasted. This represents millions of tonnes of CO2 produced in vain and billions of euros of lost economic opportunities, as heat can be converted into energy. According to estimates, the industry loses between 20 and 40% of the energy it consumes, or the equivalent of 200 billion euros of lost revenue.

Eco-Stock, developed by the French company Eco-Tech Ceram, was developed to address this problem by recovering waste heat and transforming it into electricity thanks to a mobile thermal storage solution .

Eco-Stock is a metal container filled with ceramic made from industrial by-products.

Its operation is simple: the hot smoke from the chimney is sucked in and sent to the Eco-Stock, storing the energy by heating the ceramic. The heat accumulator can store 2 MWh at 600 ° C. This accumulated heat can be used as a heating source or converted into electricity.

Eco-Tech Ceram.

While the environmental benefit is obvious, as each Eco-Stock unit can save up to 8,000 tons of CO2 over its lifetime, this solution also has an economic impact. The Eco-Stock produces heat at a price up to 80% lower than the heat obtained with natural gas. The company has been awarded the World Innovation Award by former French President François Hollande in 2015, and the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label in 2018.

To accelerate the commercial deployment of Eco-Stock and promote energy efficiency, Eco-Tech Ceram is a highly recommended option for a number of industries.

The company, founded in 2014 by Antoine Meffre, a former doctoral student of the PROMES laboratory, has also received from the beginning the support of the Occitania region, a partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation, within the framework of its Positive Energy Region strategy. (REPOS).

His solution is already underway, as the first business unit was inaugurated in March 2019 in the south of France, and he now plans to deploy it both in France and internationally.

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