Ecocarbón Bioverde Bets On The Barbecue Tradition Without Environmental Damage


The Peruvian likes to eat, that’s no secret, but he also loves being a good host. He is passionate about calling family and friends to surprise them with a barbecue or the popular Chinese box. But behind all that flavor and happiness a sad story is woven that affects the entire country.

Thousands of square kilometers of trees are cut down to produce charcoal each year in our Amazon and northern Peru, severely hitting the ecosystem. It seems like a distant problem, but it is not. This savage deforestation can destroy our main natural lung in the jungle, in addition to destroying forever the home of many species typical of Peru.

The problem does not stop there. Conventional charcoal, a key guest on grills, is one of the main causes of global warming. Its production takes away oxygen and water, in addition to emitting soot, responsible for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It sounds apocalyptic, however that is the high cost of enjoying a good cylinder, grilled chicken, etc.



The solution is not to deprive ourselves of the grill, that is not to say. No such sacrifice is necessary when we have a product that not only replaces conventional charcoal, but surpasses it in virtues wherever you look at it. The Bioverde Ecocarbón is the best way to indulge in barbecue without damaging the environment. For its manufacture it was not necessary to cut down a single tree, as it is made from coconut shells obtained from different Amazonian communities. With this raw material a biomass is achieved that is later converted into solid and uniform 100% ecological briquettes.

The briquettes fit perfectly in the grill, cylinder or Chinese box, but that is not their main quality. Unlike conventional charcoal, Bioverde Ecocarbon is easy to ignite and lasts longer. You don’t have to grapple with the grill or wait that long. You can quickly surprise your guests.

To achieve a perfect roast it requires a uniform heat and that is what the Bioverde Ecocarbón offers, which at the same time provides a pleasant flavor to the meals. Faced with all these characteristics, conventional coal is out of the question, however there is something else to highlight. The Bioverde Ecocarbón smokes less than any other product, becoming a perfect ally for preparations on terraces and gardens without the need to bother the neighbors.

How is this made.


It doesn’t take much thought. Enjoy a nice grill without compromising the environment today is a reality.

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