Ecodry, The Most Ecological Toilet For Those Who Bet On Composting And Saving Water

EcoDry, the most ecological toilet

The ‘do it yourself’ or DIY, by Do it Yourself, is not always at odds with the solutions available in the market. EcoDry, an eco-friendly toilet model launched by a specialist Swedish company, is a good example. Are you interested in incorporating a composting toilet into your home ? For that, among other things, this toilet is designed that not only uses 90% less water than a conventional model, but also separates urine from solids.

“It is by far the best choice,” says the firm Wostman, creator of a toilet that targets, as final recipients, those who live in ecovillages, isolated homeowners or, simply, those who pursue a mode of more sustainable life. “It is an extremely respectful toilet with the environment,” says the company of this component that each one can then adapt to the dry toilet that best suits their needs.

Regarding the strengths of EcoDry, which by the way is made of all porcelain, its function to separate urine stands out. With this, bad odors are avoided, in addition to opening the door to its possible use as an organic fertilizer.

To ensure cleanliness and conduction of urine to the proper reservoir, water can be flushed manually or, if a supply is available, flushed.

In this sense, the designs of this Swedish company are designed to use as little water as possible when flushing the cistern. In fact, while a conventional toilet would spend six liters, in these models the amount of water used is lowered to between 0.3 and 2.5 liters, depending on whether the short or long flush mode is chosen.

Apart from these savings, EcoDry provides another advantage. If purchased with the included solid waste container, it includes a fan that dries the waste. But for what? In addition to to mitigate odor and to ensure the elimination of viruses and bacteria, so that the weight of the load goes down. The company explains it with an example. If the fecal remains of a family take about three months to fill an 80-liter container, the use of the fan makes the weight of the contents reach a maximum of 20 kilos. By the time the tank is filled, the waste will be dry and can be transferred for composting.

This toilet can be purchased with a 100-liter container or, for those who prefer to work it a little, it can be attached to the container of the user, with practically no limits. To assemble the toilet yourself, the steps to follow are quite simple, as detailed, step by step, by the company itself that stresses that it provides the most ecological solution possible. And the truth is that EcoDry facilitates the use of urine as a nutrient for plants (for which it would be enough to mix one part with three parts of water), in addition to the recycling of feces as compost.

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