Ecofrego, Mop Bucket That Saves Water And Soap

Ecofrego, scrub bucket that saves water and soap

Carlos Rivadulla had the idea when he was scrubbing floors in the military. Now, several years later and with the help of their brother, Juan Rivadulla, they have created the Ecofrego, a mop bucket with two compartments that separate clean water from dirty water. A slight modification of the traditional mop bucket that saves water, soap and labor.

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The Ecofrego has two drainers with two tanks; one to drain the mocho after having put it in the clean water and the other to drain it after having scrubbed the floor. In this way the clean water is separated from the used water and you save water, detergent and time, since you do not have to make so many trips to empty and fill the bucket. The trick is to drain the mocho well after scrubbing and before putting it in the clean water. The water stays 50% cleaner than with the traditional single compartment bucket.

The water stays cleaner for longer due to the effect of not mixing it, in this way it is not necessary, unlike with the current method, to have to empty and fill the bucket several times because the water has become dirty. As with water, the Ecofrego system allows us an average soap saving of 50%.

Ecofrego, scrub bucket that saves water and soap

It is a surprise that it is manufactured in Spain (the mocho was invented in the USA, but was perfected by a Spaniard), in Lliçà de Vall, a municipality that is 32 km from Barcelona.

The Ecofrego has received the 2009 Silver Delta, a design award granted by the Industrial Design for Development of Decorative Arts Association (ADI-FAD), although this product is more about invention than design. The jury awarded this invention for assuming “a substantial improvement in housework that, in addition to saving water, saves effort”.

The Ecofrego is available in Europe for € 15.

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