Ecological Freighter

Ecological Freighter

Study Sauter Carbon Offset Design He intends to build a 426 meter long merchant ship to transport oil around the world. The hybrid propulsion of the boat stands out thanks to its 20 sails on deck and a large number of solar panels to be installed.

A few different sails but also applied to maritime transport is the Skysails project , sails that power ships.

Being much longer and narrower (54 meters) than other crude transport models, together with the green energy kit that it equips for its navigation, the EMAX will reduce total consumption by 75%.

For this, the merchant has 500,000 square meters of sails that will reduce the total cost of the boat between 20% and 30%. While the solar panel equipment and the hull design complete this more than important cut in the consumption heading.

Supertankers have a useful life of close to 25 years and generate pollution of three million tons in CO2 annually. The creators of EMAX estimate that the 240 million euros that the boat would consist of would be amortized in just four years. While it would maintain a total revenue of $1.5 trillion.


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