Ecological Initiative That Encourages Planting Trees To Raise Awareness About The Impact Of Climate Change

Reforestation Gold Coast, Australia. Image: ChameleonsEye Shutterstock

The promoter of the initiative is called Nora, a few years ago she worked in an office as an online marketing expert. However, becoming aware of the problem of climate change made her completely abandon her comfort zone and embark on an eco-volunteering trip in which she could contribute “her grain of sand in the fight against climate chaos”. 

This is how she explains it herself in the presentation video that she has uploaded to the Gofundme platform, where she has launched a crowdfunding with which she intends to raise funds to continue with the environmental initiative focused, basically, on planting a tree for each donation and sending the donate a video to make him a direct participant in the initiative.

The young woman is touring the Caribbean, Central America and Latin America areas, which are currently the most vulnerable to environmental impact. And in addition to favoring the reforestation of the area, it will be an active part of all local ecological projects that help the health of the planet.

You can access the campaign at the following link:

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