Ekoduchah2o +, Home System To Save 40% Of Water In Each Shower

Saving up to 40% of the water you consume in each shower is possible thanks to EkoduchaH2O +, a sustainable product of Appropriate Technology that draws on ingenuity and few resources to make it available to anyone, especially those with more difficulties to access the water, this system that allows better management and that, at the same time, is so easy and cheap to assemble that it requires little more than reused bottles and polypropylene, and a pump to extract the water.

With a useful life that can exceed ten years, EkoduchaH2O + is a gray water recovery system that only needs to operate three-liter PET bottles enough to fill four lines (around 12 bottles, as can be seen in the photos), each one of them formed with PVC supports to which the bottles are attached. On the other hand, the system integrates a reused polypropylene top, as well as a frame, created in natural or white aluminum, which would be attached to a non-slip canvas available in up to eight colors.

A low consumption submersible pump (40 watts at 110 volts) for the extraction of gray water and a drain would complete this simple sustainable system that, as its promoters claim, allows to recover up to 40 liters of gray water from the shower. This amount is not small, when the World Health Organization estimates that, in a five-minute shower, around 95 liters are consumed (slightly more than double).

This Ekoducha, whose amortization time is estimated to be between two and three years, without counting the impact that its use and extension would have on reducing the Carbon Footprint, has been designed by the Colombian architect Ricardo Alba, together with his children Jessica and Ricardo. All three are old acquaintances in creating systems that, based on reused products, allow communities in developing countries to improve water management that can take advantage of these inventions, in addition to building them themselves at low cost.

In fact, one of the solutions of this Colombian, Ekomuro H2O does not stop reaping successes and expanding from Colombia to Guatemala, from there to Mexico, also passing through Nepal, among other territories. Also based on PET bottles, this system captures rainwater to convert it into drinking water through a filter. Hence, Alba has continued to let her imagination run wild to continue improving access to water for small vulnerable populations, and to promote sustainable use of this scarce resource.

Features EKODUCHA H2O +.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 15 cm.
  • Type of product: Sustainable Product of Appropriate Technology.
  • Cover: natural or white aluminum frame, non-slip rubber in 8 colors.
  • Reused material: 3 liter pet bottles, recovered polypropylene overlay (CO2 footprint).
  • Submersible Pump: Low consumption small gray water extraction pump (40W at 110 Volts).
  • Mechanical pump: Optional sustainable projects.
  • Useful Life: More than 10 years.
  • Consumption savings: 40% of water consumption in toilet washing.
  • Estimated amortization time of the investment: 2/3 years + Carbon footprint.

More information at EkomuroH2O.

System to take advantage of shower water designed in Colombia

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