Ekomuro H2o +. Modular Vertical Tank To Store Rainwater Reusing Pet Bottles

Ekomuro H2O +.  Walls that collect rainwater

Ekomuro H2O + is an innovative rainwater collection system made modularly reusing 54 PET bottles  of 3 or 2.5 liters, which interconnected with each other, make up a vertical type water tank, compact and resistant to liquid pressures, occupying a minimum of space and oriented to meet the needs of Water Saving in an urban home.

Ekomuro H2O +.  Walls that collect rainwater

The rainwater collector with plastic bottles is easy to make at home and costs very little. Through its filter, people can obtain drinking water. The proposal guarantees the minimum vital to vulnerable communities, it can improve their quality of life significantly.

ekomuro structure

The invention is the work of the Colombian architect Ricardo Alba and his children Ricardo and Jessica.

The project addresses two environmental problems and one of a qualitative nature that determines the origin of the proposal, based on the limited space available to implement conventional rainwater collection systems in urban homes.

First of all, the inadequate disposal of Pet containers, which once turned into waste, are recycled but a large amount becomes garbage, plugging drains, generating floods and environmental pollution.

Ekomuro (3)

Second, and based on the repercussions of climate change on water sources and the call made by the regulatory organizations of water resources in the world, emphasizing the need to innovate in Water Saving, they result in the need to generate initiatives in this sense that they mitigate this problem. ” The collection of rainwater can bring a positive change to life and the economic growth of society ”.

Ekomuro (2)

Based on conventional systems for collecting rainwater, we consider relevant those that use modular containers of the Cistern Wall type, that is, vertical water tanks. These systems made of plastic and fiberglass are expensive and do not exist in the local market. The Ekomuro system fulfills the same function in an innovative, eco-efficient, economical and easy-to-prepare way, based on the appropriate technology from the reuse of a solid waste, the three-liter pet container.

Ekomuro (1)

This project has been a Regional Finalist in the 2012 Google Science Fair, and nominated for the Science in Action award from Scientific American magazine.

Just over a month ago, they  received the first prize in the challenge that sought innovative ideas for the use of natural resources at the Seventh World Water Forum, held in South Korea.

Second Generation Ekomuros have a dual purpose, on the one hand they store rainwater and on the other they recover gray water, which once treated independently, can be reused. They are made from the recovery of 20-liter bottles, allowing a greater volume of water tank in a minimum space.

A 100-year-old homemade system to collect and filter rainwater in a barrel

More information:  ekomuroh2o.

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