Electric Vehicles Gain Prominence In The Madrid Local Police

The jump from fossil fuels to electricity in mobility is unstoppable. The municipalities are also aware of this, which is why more and more local governments are opting for the electric motorcycle as a motorized vehicle for their municipal services, as is the case of the Local Police. It has already been done in Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Formentera or Valencia, among many other cities. Now comes the turn of the capital of Spain, Madrid.

In this way, the corps of Mobility Agents of the Madrid City Council’s Environment and Mobility Area will have a municipal fleet of vehicles with a very low ecological footprint. The total number of electric motorcycles that will be purchased will be 13 for the agents to carry out their functions of monitoring traffic, for which they will be specially adapted.

The Madrid council has opted for the Scutum Silence S02 model, designed and manufactured in Spain. This model allows you to configure the vehicle on demand, includes a ‘smartphone’ connection, factory remote control and lithium batteries. It is specially designed for security officers.

Madrid will allocate 113,256 euros to the renewal of the Local Police fleet with little or no polluting vehicles. However, the council hopes to amortize them, since the brand estimates that these motorcycles save more than 500 euros in fuel per 10,000 kilometers of rolling. Some studies already make numbers of the savings that it would mean for municipalities to electrify their fleets.

The Scutum Silence S02 model tailored for officers has police equipment, reverse gear, regenerative braking, maximum turning radius, LED lighting system and low center of gravity. In addition, it has a built-in rear trunk with a sound and light system, a megaphone and a mast to place the siren.

Electric mobility in cities.

In Madrid, the electrical renovation has also been extended to the bus fleet. The first non-polluting line runs on line 39 (the one that runs from Avenida de Felipe II to Pavones). Electric buses that Barcelona and San Sebastian already have.

Other cities such as Valencia have also joined this trend, which precisely received the award from the Ministry of the Environment for its commitment to sustainable mobility. In the capital of Túria, last summer an electric bus was put into operation in tests to check its performance, viability and benefits in regular service. In addition, they have also bought two hybrid buses with which they estimate to save between 25% and 30% on fuel.

It seems that politics has finally realized that the future depends on sustainability.

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