Electron Wheel, Electrify Your Bike In 30 Seconds


Electron Wheel is a wheel designed to adapt to any bicycle and transform it into an electric one in just over 30 seconds. It will allow you to circulate at a maximum of 32 km / h almost without effort.

The device is a disc that attaches to the front wheel. It communicates with the pedal via Bluetooth.

Its battery gives us a lake autonomy of more than 40 km, it charges in 2 hours. It has an app to monitor some useful data, such as the distance traveled, the battery status and our routes.



Mounted on the fork of your bicycle, it is very simple to install and will not take you much more than 30 seconds. You don’t need any tools or technical knowledge, just a smartphone to connect with our application. After installing the wireless sensor on the wheel pedal, you are ready to mount.

Its price is $800. It is available in two sizes to fit as many bikes as possible.

More information and purchase:  electronwheel.com

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