Emium. Multipurpose Interconnectable Modular Container

Multipurpose Interconnectable Modular Container

The “ Modular Interconnectable Multipurpose Container ” (Emium) may appear, at first glance, like a giant piece of Lego. But this invention constitutes an ingenious resource that enables the efficient reuse of disposable containers, thanks to the particularity of constituting, once empty, a module with pressure fit, which allows it to be fitted with other containers with the same characteristics.

This container is reusable and reusable. The idea is that everything that is consumed, be it water, milk, juices, sodas, etc. is contained in these containers, to later be reused, either for fun, as well as to assemble shelves, tables, chairs or even a home.

Another very similar example is the Heineken cube, a modular container that is also interconnectable but this time with beer bottles.

The invention of the Argentine Luis Pittau and his wife (recently deceased) Mirta Facsi, was born from the interest of seeking an answer to the immense amount of plastic waste that polluted rivers, seas and the planet in general.

Luis Pittau

This invention can be made of any plastic material, such as PET, PVC, and polyethylene. It can also adopt any geometric shape, and is ideal to contain liquids (water, juice, milk, soft drinks, lubricants) or solids (cereals, condiments, sweets …).

EMIUM.  Multipurpose Interconnectable Modular Container

Once empty of content, Emium containers are transformed into building modules to develop recreational, functional or ornamental structures, such as toys, boxes, furniture, ceilings, shelves and even entire houses.

EMIUM.  Multipurpose Interconnectable Modular Container

Due to their ability to fit together, EMIUM containers do not need heat shrinkable film, box or packing tape for their storage and transport, thus saving on external packaging. The possibility of coupling the containers reduces the volume they occupy and their tipping capacity, gives it greater stowage capacity (vertical and horizontal), and reduces the necessary operational steps during manufacturing, filling and palletizing.

The Emium was chosen among the 100 products that will change the world in the new millennium. In 1997 alone, this cool packaging received the World Intellectual Property Organization Grand Gold Medal, the Geneva World Invention Expo Medal, the World Inventors Federation Cup, and the OSEC Award from the Swiss Government for their contribution to the environment.

About to turn fifteen years old, Emium is the most awarded container in the world. And it is Latin American!

More information: emium.com.ar.

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