Enel Will Commercialize Tesla’s Powerwall Batteries

tesla powerwall

Enel Green Power, the renewable energy subsidiary of the Italian ENEL, the largest electricity company in Italy and the largest shareholder in the Spanish Endesa, has launched an installation kit with Tesla’s Powerwall battery for sale. At the moment it is only available in South Africa, a country where the price of electricity rises uncontrollably and grid cuts are the order of the day.

With electricity rates rising 9.4% this year, and 100 days of blackouts a year, Tesla’s battery systems could be very attractive to South African customers looking to efficiently store the renewable energy generated.

When electricity prices go up in this way, people look for alternatives.

There is a part of the population that can afford to buy these backup batteries for their home, specifically in Cape Town, where a pilot project has already started.

Enel entered the energy market of Africa’s most industrialized nation in 2012, offering a supply for commercial-scale renewable projects of up to 150 megawatts.

Tesla’s system is an example, on a small scale, of experiments with energy storage that are being carried out around the world, as a way to help balance the electrical grid. These battery storage systems help even peaks and troughs in supply, helping prevent overcharges and blackouts.

Tesla powerwall first deliveries

The ready-to-go kit started selling this month for around $10,000, it includes an inverter, the connectivity system, a 7 kWh powerwall battery and the pre-installation of the battery to a photovoltaic installation.

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