Energica Bolid-e: The Electric Motorcycle Powered By Samsung

Energica Bolid-E

The Energica Bolid-E is an electric motorcycle prototype born from the Smart Ride project, started a year ago by Energica together with Samsung with the aim of thinking about the future of two wheels.

This prototype combines the technology of the Energica EVA EsseEsse9 electric motorcycles (from which the Bolid-E comes directly) and the latest Samsung technology.

Technology like front and rear cameras, to identify obstacles and hazards that are difficult to see when driving. Samsung’s technology in Energica Bolid-E thus becomes a true driver’s assistant that also improves safety by broadening the visual spectrum.

In fact, two Galaxy A smartphones act as rear view mirrors that project the images from the rear camera and, at the same time, show other superimposed information such as Head-up Display. Compared to the normal mirrors of a classic bicycle, the combination of the camera and the smartphones allows a much wider vision and no blind spots.

The motorcycle is powered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 (which uses NFC technology), the first demonstration of the interconnection between motorcycle and technology. On the smartphone and on the SmartWatch you can check all the most important parameters of the motorcycle, first but not only the remaining autonomy.

Also interesting is the Track Recording function that projects the recording of the cameras built into the motorcycle on the Samsung Smart TV6, combining them with the data recorded by the smartwatch.

For the rest, Bolid-E is an Energica product, therefore a high-performance electric motorcycle without gearbox but with 160 HP of power, 200 Nm of torque and speed limited to 200 km / h (240 km / h in Sport version). From zero to one hundred in less than 3 seconds.

In fact, this bike could reach even higher speeds, but it would not be very efficient from the point of view of battery consumption and therefore of autonomy.

More information:  energicamotor.com

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