Ethical Fashion Africa Project. and Vivienne Westwood have teamed up with the International Trade Center to launch a new creative project: the Vivienne Westwood Ethical Fashion Africa Collection, a complete collection of bags and accessories made in Kenya from recycled materials. This collaboration provides long-term work for the world’s most marginalized people while protecting the environment., the leading multi-brand fashion and design online store, teams up with Vivienne Westwood to ensure that the program produces garments that are truly ethical and made from recycled materials under fair working conditions, reaching consumers around the world. carries the voice of the Ethical Fashion Africa project by spreading the message to its international audience through the Internet.

Well known photographer Jürgen Teller has joined the team on their first adventure in Africa to capture and promote the essence of the project. I enclose 3 images that Jürgen Teller has made in Africa with and Vivienne Westwood and that are dedicated to the Ethical Fashion Africa project.

“One of the things that really filled me up on this journey was how Juergen lives everything from direct experience and really takes care of human beings and their relationships. And together we have brought magic to those relationships ”. Vivienne Westwood.

‘What I do, making bags, can make a difference. This project gives people control over their lives – charity does not give control, it is quite the opposite, it makes them dependent. These people have more control over their lives and can therefore choose not to exploit the environment because they have an alternative way to get money. It’s quite incredible to think that we can save the world through fashion. ” Vivienne Westwood.

 Jürgen Teller has commented “I have returned completely full of energy and life. It was really inspired to meet Simone Cipriani and the entire ITC team. It made a lot of sense to go to Africa with Vivienne ”.

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