Fallen Trees In São Paulo Are Transformed Into Public Benches

Fallen trees in São Paulo are transformed into public benches

The municipality of Sao Paulo in Brazil has launched a municipal eco-furniture program. Through this initiative, trees fallen throughout the city due to natural causes are transformed into large benches to be installed in public spaces. The first unit has already been delivered.

The project is the result of an alliance between the municipal services with the designer Hugo Francia, a specialist in sculptures and wooden furniture, who is the one who signs the work.

The objective of the initiative is to reuse the waste derived from fallen trees, avoiding the waste of wood and transforming it into benches for public areas, parks and squares.

The action also aims to coincide with the increase in the offer of spaces for coexistence in the city with the dissemination of ecological and artistic concepts, making the program an instrument of environmental education.

“Raising public awareness about the importance of the recycling process is also one of the objectives of the project”


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