Fiat Defines Its 500e As The “urban Tesla”

It is no mystery that Fiat is betting heavily on the 500e, its small city car that runs on batteries. It is a totally new project, created from scratch, in which the Italian brand has invested a lot of time and resources. In an interview with Auto Express, Olivier François, president of Fiat, wanted to highlight the importance of this model, defining it as his ” urban Tesla “.

François wanted to explain that this car is not a simple adaptation of the existing 500 and that he is confident of its success, as the demand for electric cars is undoubtedly going to explode, especially due to the strict traffic regulations in urban centers. In addition, the electric Fiat 500 may have a design that has already contributed to the success of the “traditional” model with a combustion engine.

The Italian brand is confident that its new electric car will be able to attract new customers, even those who have never approached electric mobility before.

Technical characteristics.

The Fiat 500e can have a 118 hp electric motor. This is more than enough power to offer good performance with a speed from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds.

Thanks to the 42 kWh battery, the autonomy is 320 km according to the WLTP cycle.

No problem, even if you need to take long trips, as the battery pack supports direct current recharges of up to 85 kW.

The price is 37,900 euros for the optional complete special version “La Prima” that will be produced in only 500 units. The price list for the other variants has not yet been published.

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